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whizdom 101

     The Project of Medical Hub Building with Public Assistance System, Mae Fah Luang University, is established with following objectives: to be the medical hub providing health services in the Upper Mekong Subregion, to increase tools for enhancing the quality of life and to build friendships with neighboring countries. Since the establishment of this Medical Hub Project, Mae Fah Luang University, the academic conference has been held every year by inviting doctors from neighboring countries in the Upper Mekong Subregion including Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Southern China, to jointly develop the Medical Hub of Mae Fah Luang University. In the meantime, the Hub also jointly develops the medical profession with neighboring countries, and this Medical Hub of Mae Fah Luang University will anticipate to accept medical students from neighboring countries in the future with the objective that those students will return to further develop their own country.

     The project offers 376 beds for overnight patients and 68 beds for emergency patients as following details:
          - The 15-storey Medical Hub Building with 69.70-meter height (measured from the original ground level to the highest part).
          - The 5-storey Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Building which is the connected building.
          - The 4-storey Service Building with 21-meter height and one basement floor.
          - The Wastewater Treatment System sized 1,128 square meters.
          - The Solid Waste Collection Room sized 190 square meters
          - The Corridor connecting buildings sized 960 square meters
          - The Road sized 21,934 square meters
          - Two parking lots sized 11,700 square meters

     The project’s total usable area is approximately 122,000 square meters. EEC is one of the project's consultants, consisting of experts in several areas collaborating on project design by taking into account the needs of the project. EEC provides consultancy on building engineering to suit the needs of building users and plays an important role in proposing the idea to make the Service Building as the Public Assistance System Center of the Hospital. The Service Building consists of Water Cool Chiller, Main Transformer and Generator, Water Supply Tank, Fire Water Tank, Steam Boiler under the consideration on the ease of maintenance and management of the hospital’s main equipment without the effect on the treatment area.

     The quality of internal air is essential to the hospital in terms of speeding up the recovery of the patient's physical condition as well as avoiding to be a reservoir through the effective design in filtering and dehumidifying external air to supply clean and dry air into the internal area, people in the hospital building will inhale clean air and be prevented from fungus.

     Other rooms with special needs such as operating room and the disease control room, are designed to supply air from ceiling and suck air back to the ventilator with the low level to reduce the dust and germ diffusion. Some air from the lower level is also sucked out to dispose outside the building and replaced with new fresh and dry air.