eng tha

value creation

     Clients come to EEC for 'design solution'. It is challenging to be part of an innovative design project. We have vast experience in energy efficiency project, having registered a number of patents such as combined heat and power system ("Green Integrated Energy System-GIES"/ "Green Integrated Utility System-GIUS"); indoor air quality control system ("Dedicated External Environmental Control System-DEECS"/ Dedicated Internal Environmental Control System-DIES"); special air conditioning system for OR ("Hyper genic Air-Conditioning Unit-HAU"); energy demand control system ("Chilled Water Storage Plus-CWS+); a power plant efficiency improvement system (Green Inlet Air Cooling System-GIAC); and a solar air-conditioning system.

     The quality of our drawings and technical documents is admired by our international partners and contractors. Based in Bangkok, we successfully coordinate project partner, drawings and work through FTP site. Design workshop is one of the keys of success, and Bangkok is proven to be an ideal place for everyone.