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Achievement and Goal

Dear Valued Business Partner,

Thank you for contacting EEC and considering us as a one of your strategic partner.

This company profile provides information on our capability and project references from more than 40 years of mechanical and electrical engineering practices in Thailand and overseas. EEC is not only a brand but the long experiences are also inherited through generations. My several colleagues and I were part of success of those projects. MEP systems are the physiology that shape building anatomy and maintain healthy building. Sustainable architecture design is truly based on green engineering, energy efficiency, indoor and outdoor quality environment. EEC Academy Building, our workplace, is a promptly 24/7 operation which certified Thailand Green Building Rating as TREES (Thai’s Rating of Energy and Environmental Sustainability) in “GOLD” level.

Our long list of project references include various type of the project, e.g., Observational tower, mass transitional system, airport, hangar, cargo terminal, JCI certified healthcare and hospitals, luxury chain hotels, data centers, laboratories, TV broadcast station and studio, mega shopping centers, convention and exhibition center, sport complex, education center, grand government office complex, high-end residential building and large industrial development. We also have experienced in overseas such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Dhaka, Iraq, Cambodia and Myanmar.

With our trustworthy experience, we are honored to be a part of many iconic projects which are G Tower (650 meters tall) and Bangkok Observation Tower (459 meters tall) Moreover, we recently have a great opportunity to involve with healthcare expert group, providing advice on JCI certification.

Nowadays, MEP system are more challenging than earlier. They are complexity and need to be fully integrated. Sometimes, it seems to be impossible by the existing constraints and conventional methods, but the sophisticated technologies can provide the opportunities for the new approaches with integrated utility service and infrastructure. Smart city requires digital/ IT/ IOT infrastructure with the star network and redundancies. Besides, the transportation by pipes and cables or capsule and tube will be used.

Building construction is no longer based on 4 basic elements, but evolved the anther will be the 5th element.

EEC group are leading sustainable design consultants with several in-house TREES AP and LEED AP. We are involved in the green certificate program, national energy planning and smart city development; focusing on advanced technology including power generation, combined heat and power, district cooling and heating system, energy storage, smart grid and energy management system. We are also competent in low cooling load HVAC design, humidity control system, clean room, advanced plumbing system, safety and security system.

Realizing in rapid changes through globalization and digitalization, our company are opened for changes and eagered for a new challenges. We believe in “Value Creation” and have been invested in wisdom and team building. EEC academy is our key driver for capacity building, training, networking, education and research. New generations are provided with opportunity to express their talents. We are also heavily investing on computer servers and redundancy system, video conference system, including software and Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Co-operation and networking are our business strategy, expressing to the company name EEC Engineering Network to provide the local and overseas services. EEC academy building is ready functioning 24/7 for the active worldwide communication.

We proud of our more than 45 years experiences. We aware that we should foresee as multiple perspective and be always exploring advanced and practical future technologies. Building construction is no longer based on 4 basic elements, but evolved the anther will be the 5th element.