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Art of Engineering Solutions

There are possibilities for engineering innovations with “Art of Engineering” solutions. We are working beyond conventional MEP engineering services,
offering innovative creations and natural resources solutions in order to
achieve sustainable goals. The followings and some on-going examples:

• Cooling Botanic dome with 24 degree C ground thermal mass and cool natural water resource
• Cooling Senior living facility with deep water thermocline
• Mitigate city air quality with bio-filter
• Mitigate urban heat island effect with natural treated cool air
• Harvesting enhanced wind by wind catcher
• Purify street air by using landmark pole for anion charges
• Semi-outdoor cooling technology
• Mitigate microclimate and create cool valley
• Healthy sleep “All-in One” air-conditioner
• Air and Light bar
• Dehumidified green wall
• Ductless air-conditioning system
• Advanced Dedicated Outdoor Air System-DOAS
• Displacement ventilation application with swirl diffuser
• Advanced radiant cooling application
• Combined Heat and Power plant
• Localized waste management
• Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics-AFDD

EEC is a driver and developer of District Cooling System (DCS) as EECDT Green Power Co., Ltd., providing DCS services as well as other utility services for project “The Forestias”. The project includes Central Utility Plant (CUP) ad underground utility tunnel construction with high
performance and resiliency.

EEC also offer creative structural engineering services through EEC Lincolne Scott with significant profile both overseas and local.

Mr.Kecha Thirakomen