RISC by MQDC with EEC Launches Negative Pressure ER with Fresh Air in Emergency Rooms to Help Hospitals in the COVID-19 Outbreak

20 September 2021, Bangkok – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Singh Intrachooto, Chief Advisor to Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC) by MQDC, has announced that RISC, under its commitment to “For All Well-Being”, to benefit residents, society, and all life, has collaborated with EEC Engineering Network, a national and international system installer, to develop and launch “Negative Pressure ER 100% Fresh Air”. A pilot installation is helping BMA General (Klang) Hospital care for patients in the COVID-19 outbreak, providing air quality equivalent to an operating theater. The system can be disassembled and is easy to carry and to assemble outdoors at field hospitals and areas near emergency rooms (ER) to reach patients.

“RISC by MQDC and its network of partners committed to enhancing quality of life and well-being aim to contribute to society and help address the widespread COVID-19 outbreak. Medical teams are facing a lack of safe working space and shortage of ER facilities for critically ill patients who need operations. ‘Negative Pressure ER’ can accommodate patients who need urgent treatment. Supporting emergency procedures for ‘Red’ patients on ventilators is crucial, relieving the shortage of ER rooms and providing flexibility for frontline personnel by helping support and create safe confined spaces.”

“RISC by MQDC has partnered with EEC, a specialist in building systems, to create “Negative Pressure ER 100% Fresh Air”. The innovation uses a single-direction air quality adjustment system to stop infection spreading, expanding space for treating patients and relieving the lack of facilities for critical patients to undergo operations safely.

“‘Negative Pressure ER 100% Fresh Air’ is designed for Health and Well-being and safety to adjust airflow efficiently and flexibly. The design enables the system to be easily moved and reassembled. Design principles for psychological well-being are applied with blue light that helps patients relax three times faster than white light, reducing stress for patients, relatives, and passersby,” said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Singh.

“Negative Pressure ER 100% Fresh Air” was developed by RISC by MQDC and EEC with a pressure differential of 12 Pa (*beyond the minimium requirement of 7.5 Pa). The anteroom has a pressure differential of 5 Pa to prevent infection from airflow. The exit and entrance are separate and one-way to reduce the risk of infection spreading between rooms.

Air is extracted from the head of the patient beds and goes through a HEPA filter before being released outside, ensuring safety both indoors and outdoors. Entirely fresh air (‘100% Fresh Air’) is let into the room with an air-conditionsing system that controls and separates the airflow as follows:

1. The anteroom has 10 Air changes/hour

2. The ER room has 13 Air changes/hour *the ER room standard requirement of 12 Air changes/hour

The room is designed to be energy efficient and hygienic, reducing infection risks from microbes on surfaces. The structure is flexible for easy assembly and installation, taking up little space.

Interior details:

• ISO WALL surfaces are easily cleaned and resist mold.

• Seal doors prevent air leakage for safety and the width of the doorway accommodates wheelchairs and transport equipment.

• The room can hold 1 patient beds and emergency procedures requiring respirators (for ‘Red’ patients).

• Rubber floor tiles meet cleanroom standards.

• Lighting has a suitable location and 4000K color temperature for operations.

• White surfaces enhance the room’s brightness to facilitate treatment and hygiene.

Exterior details:

• ISO WALL, A 2-inch layer of polyurethane insulation keeps out heat and prevents air leakage to reduce electricity demand.

• The room can withstand sun and rain.

• The room can be fully disassembled for relocation.

• Compact design facilitates use anywhere.

• Exterior walls change color to suit and illuminate their surroundings.

RISC by MQDC has optimized design for psychological health with the design of the exterior walls to change color. Warm white lights shine at night and blue light during the day, with a wavelength of 470-480 nm. Blue light reduces stress 3 times faster than white light, according to research. It also stimulates the prefrontal cortex (PFC), which helps to manage and regulate thoughts and emotions and promote relaxation.

Mr. Kecha Thirakomen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EEC Engineering Network, said: “EEC has collaborated with RISC by MQDC to develop and launch innovations. The first ‘Negative Pressure ER 100% Fresh Air’ was set up at BMA General (Klang) Hospital. As a leading engineering company, both nationally and internationally, EEC is honored to contribute to this development. The ‘Negative Pressure ER 100% Fresh Air’ emergency room will help hospitals, medical staff, and COVID-19 patients get through this crisis together.”

EEC has helped design and engineer the “Negative Pressure ER 100% Fresh Air”. The facility is 2.5 meters by 6 meters with a height of 2.75 meters and covers 15 square meters. It can hold 1 patient beds and accommodate emergency operations requiring a respirator (for ‘Red’ patients). Design separates space and people. Anterooms for entering and leaving the treatment area have sealed doors that keep its pressure stable and prevent contaminated air from leaving. The air-conditioning system is a 100% Fresh Air system (not using air circulating in the room) that controls temperature, humidity, hygiene through a HEPA filter and unidirectional airflow, safeguarding staff during treatment. The system for extracting air from the head of the patient beds, taking it through a HEPA filter and disinfection before being released outside, also protects the surrounding area,” said Mr. Thirakomen.


Source : / Sep 23, 2021