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Kecha Thirakomen

Kecha Thirakomen
Chairman and Chief of Innovation

Mr. Kecha Thirakomen has graduated a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Chulalongkorn University in 1975 and started his career in the position of Mechanical Engineer at Kamol Sukosol Company Limited, and Fire Protection System Engineer at Fire Extinguisher Industry Company Limited. Later in 1976, he established EEC Company Limited and worked in the position of Mechanical Engineer, and was subsequently promoted to be Chief of Design Division, and Assistant Managing Director, respectively. At present, he has held the position of Chairman of Executive Board of EEC Group of Companies, Managing Director of EEC Engineering Network Company Limited, and Director of EEC Academy which is the well-known institute in development of engineering standard on the basis of professional ethics as the center of engineering personnel development for international standardization.

Mr. Kecha Thirakomen is the initiator in applying the principle of “Green & Sustainable Energy” and the concept of “Key to Success” to produce the work design of Air-Conditioning System and Ventilation System, enabling higher operating system and Air-Conditioning System efficiency and energy saving. He is regarded as model of air-conditioning design for energy conservation. His many honorable achievements are widely recognized in the field of mechanical engineering. In addition, he is a professional expert in mechanical engineering design and construction, fire protection engineering and sanitary engineering for high-rise building, large-sized building and industrial factory building in Thailand and foreign countries.

Mr. Kecha Thirakomen has held the position of Chairman of Executive Board of EEC Engineering Network Company Limited. He is well-recognized for many large scale projects namely Seacon Square, Future Park Plaza, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Kasikornbank, Krung Thai Bank, Oriental Hotel, Novotel Hotel, Bangkok Government Complex, MRTA and BMCL Buildings and Stations; and in foreign countries such as The People’s Republic of China, Japan, The Socialist Republic of Vietnam and United Arab Emirates, etc.

In academic aspect, he has written many textbooks relating to MEP engineering works such as fire safety standard, air-conditioning and ventilation standard, engineering professional practice standard, introduction to system engineering, manual of mechanical engineering, building technology, including academic articles relating to energy conservation, safety, air-conditioning, and ventilation disseminated both in domestic and foreign countries. Due to his keen knowledge and expertise and past professional experiences and achievements, Mr. Kecha Theerakomen is widely appreciated in the engineering field.

Apart from engineering works, Mr. Kecha Thirakomen has also devoted himself to the overall society by participation in the establishment of several associations and professional organizations namely Air Conditioning Engineering Association of Thailand, Thai Mechanical and Electrical Consulting Engineer Association, and Thai Green Building Institute. These organizations have created many achievements that are highly beneficial to the overall society. He has also held the position of the President of Thai Mechanical and Electrical Consulting Engineer Association, Vice President and Secretariat of Engineering Institute of Thailand under H.M. The King’s Patronage, Vice President of Energy Conservation Promotion and Development Association, President of ASHRAE (Thailand Branch), Consultant of Air Conditioning Engineering Association of Thailand, Committee Member of Thai Green Building Foundation, and Thai Green Building Institute, and Editor in Preparation of Terminology Encyclopedia of Architecture and Construction of Royal Institute of Thailand. He is also well-recognized on international level by being appointed as the Nominating Committee and Distinguished Lecturer by ASHRAE, USA. Mr. Kecha Theerakomen is widely trusted and respected by engineers across the nation and has been nominated as Committee Member of the Council of Engineers as per the Engineer Act for 2 consecutive terms and has held the office of Secretariat of Council of Engineers.

Due to his well-recognized achievements on national and international levels, Mr. Kecha Thirakomen was therefore presented with several honorary awards from leading institutions such as Excellent Engineer in Energy Conservation by Ministry of Ministry of Science in1998, Excellent Air-Conditioning Engineer by Air Conditioning Engineering Association of Thailand in 2008, Quality Persons of the Year 2010 by Foundation of Science and Technology Council of Thailand, and international award of ASHRAE Fellow Award from ASHRAE, USA in 2009, and “ASEAN Honorary Member Award” in 2011 from ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations (AFEO).


“I have a commitment to drive Thai engineering consultancy firms toward gaining international recognition and acceptance. Today, I believe that EEC which has just completed its 40th anniversary after establishment is one of the successful Thai engineering consultancy firms with capabilities matching those of oversea branches. What’s more, we have superior advantages in terms of training system, work system development and our very own office building which is a green and energy efficient building”.

The engineer who once worked with EEC are admittedly and desirous in the engineering industry and have been mutually supporting one another, allowing EEC to become an institute that produces professionals that are highly valuable resources to the country as mentioned by the Founder of Sripatum University, Dr. Suk Pookayaporn who stated that “Education produces people and people builds the nation”. The engineers who work at EEC gained experience from real-life operation and practice, making ECC an institution for the continuous and higher education.

Concept for Living


“I am the one who believes in karma which works the same way as basic engineering principle by which every action has equal and opposite reaction. If whenever it is unequal, collapse will occur. The cheat will be cheated and the evil doer will finally suffer the consequences. I also believe in predestination that everyone is born with some purpose, and must overcome many hardships. When it is time to die, we must make sure that we die with pride that we have made a difference to the world”.

“We each must learn to give and take as our ability will allow us. The person who never learns to give and share will not be able to gain anything. Working is similar to a dharma practice. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work in the engineering profession and making merits while working because engineering work is a type of public service work. We can create good deeds by simply focusing on producing good work that will be beneficial to the public. The keys to success include innovation, potential and the ability to make a difference by thinking out of the box. At the same time, we must be ready to share our experiences and knowledge to others because we teach ourselves by teaching others”.

“Every successful person must have a dream and ambition to make that dream come true by accumulating knowledge and skills and taking actions whenever possible using a method that is consistent with natural principle. I personally like to share my knowledge and therefore have written countless books and articles since I started my career and have established EEC Academy. This helps to widen my network of friends, readers and even allies, all of whom have been continuously supporting my business and family up until these days”.

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Mr.Kecha Thirakomen Hanorary Doctor of Science Degree General Mechanical Engineering Program, Sripatum University