• Owner: Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC)
  • Area: 636,800 sq.m. (300 Rai)
  • Location: Samutprakan, Thailand
  • Scope of Service: MEP Engineering Design
  • Brief Description: Mixed-use
  • Chiller Capacity: 12,000 RT
image: MQDC

Welcome to The Forestias. A community in profound harmony with the natural world. A place where humankind and untamed nature flourish side by side. A community where four generations – grandparents, parents, children, and grandchildren – can bloom and grow closer. A place where the world discovers sustainable happiness.

“The Forestias” should be more than a public park with full grown trees. It should have national park environmental with fresh cool air, but it is in Bangkok. Kaoyai (popular national park) success development model includes beautiful valley, fresh air, cool comfort and artesian water.

The model has been set as “The Forestias” environmental design goal. Elevated ring road which is higher than Bangna Trad Highway has been planned for the South plot. Besides creating natural beautiful forest and valley landscape, the ring road also act as dike and durable road structure. Vast green space and natural forest including large trees purify air, producing oxygen and absorbing pollutants, providing fresh air. Furthermore, all high rises include stack ventilation allowing air-change and reduce humidity accumulation in the forest.

Cool and comfort has been created by elimination of heat sources and supply cooling energy from “CUP” system including central chilled water distribution system. Large utility tunnel has been constructed under the ring road to contain the pipes as well as providing convenient access for service and maintenance.

Air-conditioning condensing units, which are the source of noise and heat are no longer needed.