The Model of Green & Sustainable Medical Center

  • Owner: Siriraj Hospital
  • Area: 238,000 Sq.m.
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Scope of Service: MEP Engineering Design
  • Brief Description: Consist of center of excellence in bio-medical research, medical care, geriatrics and gerontology, Thai-traditional medicine and medical museum.
  • Chiller Capacity: 6,000 RT
image: SiPH

The Model of Green & Sustainable Medical Center In order to be the Medical Excellence Center in Southeast Asia, Siriraj Piyamaharajkarun Hospital pays great attention to the energy efficiency, the good indoor air quality, the fire safety, the flexibility to the future technology, the mainability and user friendly, additionally the international standards such as JCI, AIA, CDC, NFPA, and so on.

Providing indoor environmental quality for doctors and nurses, patients and their relatives; the hospital provides DEECS (Dedicated External Environment Control System) to control fresh air supply throughout the areas. DEECS supply clean and low humidity air all the time, reducing air infiltration problems as well as the chance of fungi growth.

Operating room is designed for Air Movement and Particle Control, Cleanliness, Precise Temperature and Humidity, Accessible and Maintainability, and Energy Conservation.

“Defense is Place” or Horizontal Fire Compartment promotes patient, especially with life support equipment, evacuation through horizontal fire-zone.

District Cooling Plant manages both Demand and Supply effectively. The Pond Cooling eliminates the potential Legionnaire disease from Cooling Tower system. Moreover, the management system provides data record and analysis to improve the building energy consumption.