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Since the establishment in 1976, Environmental Engineering Consultants (EEC) ambition is to be a world-known Thai engineering consulting firm. Starting from an initial group of five employees and now, over 200 employees. The founder Mr. Chaiyan Salicupt had a clear vision for EEC to become a leader in the environment field. Today, with a new name “EEC Engineering Network”, we are a leader in sustainable and green building design. “Co-operation and Networking” are the key of our business where we work with clients, architects, other engineering and local and international consulting firms to achieve this vision. As a learning organization, EEC Engineering Network is a knowedge-based group of companies with strong expertise and efficient teamwork to ensure that our commitments to our clients are successful and satisfactory.

EEC is well-known in leading energy efficient, environment, fire safety and innovation. EEC also has supported the government organization such as public work, town and country planning, Bangkok metropolitan authority, ministry of energy, ministry of science and technology, ministry of industry, ministry of environment and national safety council.

Our Vision

Though we are proud on our long >45 years of experiences, we are aware that we should foresee as multiple perspectives and always exploring advanced and practical future technologies. Building construction is no longer based on 4 basic elements but evolved with another, the 5th element.

Green & Sustainable Concepts

Today, continuing that vision, the spirit within us continues on with “Green and Sustainable” design concept A lot of EEC post references well demonstrate our practice in energy efficiency, environmental and safety design.

Happiness is proven by the long term staff

EEC is a family, brothers and sisters like society. We value seniority and many staff lives in EEC for more than 20 years. We emphasize staff engagement and as well offer career development.

EEC Logo Corporate Identity

Blue : If you close your eyes and imagine the sea and sky, you will see our blue. We live in a dynamic world; however we do understand the peace of infinity. We are calm and stable. We are strong and united.


our Services

MEP Engineering Design Services

EEC renders MEP engineering design and consultancy services by taking into account the safety and quality of life of indoor users, including creating value-added to the project and the business of the project owner based on national and international standards.

Sustainable Building Design Services

EEC Provide design and consulting services for sustainable building design. From experience in building system engineering design For building certification in various criteria such as TREES, LEED, DGNB, WELL

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

EEC renders building design service using Building Information Modeling (BIM) to illustrate complete design concept both in 2-Dimension and 3-Dimension. BIM is also applied for the purpose of coordination during design stage to allow efficient control of work quality and input of information into the model to ensure correct and accurate information transfer.



RISC by MQDC with EEC Launches Negative Pressure ER with Fresh Air in Emergency Rooms to Help Hospitals in the COVID-19 Outbreak

“RISC by MQDC and its network of partners committed to enhancing quality of life and well-being aim to contribute to society and help address the widespread COVID-19 outbreak. Medical teams are facing a lack of safe working space and shortage of ER facilities for critically ill patients who need operations. ‘Negative Pressure ER’ can accommodate patients who need urgent treatment. Supporting emergency procedures for ‘Red’ patients on ventilators is crucial, relieving the shortage of ER rooms and providing flexibility for frontline personnel by helping support and create safe confined spaces.”

Private Sector Sets up 450-Bed Field Hospital at Bangna-Trad KM 5 to Open in Early August to Support Government Policy

Principal Healthcare is cofounding the field hospital with MQDC, EEC Engineering Network, T&B Media Global, Dhanin Tawee Chearavanont Foundation, Ahriyavraromp Foundation, and Buddharaksa Foundation.

(B.Grimm) has Takes Stake in Green Power Company Limited (EEC-DT) Green Power Joint Venture Holding Company Limited to Develop Eco-Friendly Utility Systems Internationally

B.Grimm Joint Venture Holding Company Limited (B.Grimm) has taken a stake in the joint venture EEC-DT Green Power Company Limited (EEC-DT) to jointly develop eco-friendly utility systems internationally.

All Nature Subjects are Engineering Idea

There are possibilities for engineering innovations with 'Art of Engineering' solutions.
We are working beyond conventional MEP engineering services, offering innovative creations and natural resources solutions in order to achieve sustainable goals.


Projects Reference


  • All
  • Mixed Used
  • Healthcare
  • Office

Singha Complex

Office Building

Whizdom 101

Mixed used

The Forestias

Mixed used

RSU International Hospital

Healthcare Facilities

Magnolias Waterfront ICONSIAM


One Bangkok

Mixed used

Chulabhorn Hospital

Healthcare Facilities

Siriraj Piyamaharajkarun Hospital (SiPH)

Healthcare Facilities

Chulalongkorn University Centenary Park


EEC Innovation and Patents

Over 45 years, EEC’s innovative designs have been accepted. A number of designs from us were applied for patents protection. It reflects how expert and experienced we are in the engineering consultant field.

1) DEECS Dedicated External Environmental Control System
2) DVCS Dedicated Variable Chilled Water Supply Control System
3) GIES : Green Inlet Air Cooling System Cooling System under Modular Combined Heat and Power System
4) HAU Hypergenic Airconditioning Unit
5) CWS+ : Chilled Water Storage Plus Chilled Water Storage Plus for Air-Conditioning

6) GIAC : Green Inlet Air Cooling System Green Inlet Air Cooler for Gas Turbine Power Generator
7) TIAC : Thermal Airconditioning for Inlet Air Cooling System Gas turbine power generator inlet air cooling system with thermal air-conditioner using cooling method by desiccant


Chairman of Board of Director

Today, I believe that EEC which has just completed its 44th anniversary after establishment is one of the successful Thai engineering consultancy firms with capabilities matching those of oversea branches.


Deputy Managing Director Operation

We take responsibility to model environmental outcomes and tailor the scope of modelling to suit the needs of the project at a given time, and provide quantified predictions of design options to benchmark against. This assists in the client’s decision making process.


Assistant Managing Director

We take responsibility to model environmental outcomes and tailor the scope of modelling to suit the needs of the project at a given time, and provide quantified predictions of design options to benchmark against. This assists in the client’s decision making process.



Somjin Disawas

Chief of Engineering Department

Suwichaya Methmanorom

Chief of Electrical Engineer

Witoon Matemanorom

Chief of Fire Protection Engineer

Jurairat Makboon

Chief of Environmental Engineer

Charoenchai Lertmahakit

Project Team Manager

Saranya Rattanabunditskun

Project Team Manager

Wises Angsuratkomol

Project Team Manager

Wasan Laokamon

Co-Project Team Manager