• Area: n/a
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Scope of Service: VISTA NEO MED Engineering Design
  • Brief Description: The Most Comprehensive Humanized and Ethical Green Medical Care Readiness for Post Covid Era. Also aim for Worldclass International Medical Education both Graduate and Post Graduate Levels.

RANGSIT UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL (RIH) Project is a 400-bed private hospital project located on Petchaburi Road providing tertiary care services with specialized medical centers in all areas, capable of treating both common and complex diseases. Phase 1of the project will consist of the Medical Center Building in front building and the parking building nursing dormitories. Over 6 rais with a usable area of ​​about 70,000 square meters by using the FAR ratio of the total building area to land area (Floor to area ratio) to the fullest capacity

Mission / Value

RSU International Hospital project is the vision of the president, Dr. Arthit Ourairat and aims to be an international hospital that integrates medical innovations encompassing both sciences and arts to enhance the quality of life for those who receive services with human heart. Humanized and Ethical Medical care is essential utilizing highest Core Competency of Thailand to be able to compete in the region and we have done this successfully when we were the management of Phyathai Hospital Group.

Our hospital is not only a place you visit in sickness but rather, it will be a place that maintains health and promotes longevity and high quality of life for people of all ages. Focusing on Regenerative Medicine or Rehabilitation Medicine, whose trend can be seen from the number of foreign anti-aging patients who have visited Thailand as one of the top medical destinations.

We also emphasize the new trend in Thailand, the post-Covid-19 era of medicine, we will be the first hospital in Thailand to use the Post-Covid Concept by redesigning the entire new medical center building to protect our customers against Covid-19 or any airborne diseases. We are confident that we will be the best anti-Covid hospital in Thailand, the concept has been designed by EEC, a company that designed leading hospitals in Thailand. Hospital has been fully applied to meet the changing needs of the patients in the country and abroad which covers Telemedicine, Smart Medical Devices that provide patient services for examination and treatment: Follow up treatment results without having to visit hospital. This is our Competitive Advantage that makes us different from other private hospitals because we have our own t IT Developer (Dev team), a highly qualified faculty members of the College of Digital Innovation Technology.

In addition, we have fully applied Smart Hospital system to meet the changing needs of the services of domestic and foreign patients covering Telemedicine and Smart Medical Devices that provide patients with treatment and follow-up treatment without having to come to the hospital. The College of Digital Innovation Technology, College of Biomedical Engineering and College of Pharmacy of Rangsit University, will be applying these advanced technologies to augment our HIS (Hospital Information System) of the hospital.

The last and most important advantage for RIH is a collaboration with Rangsit University providing both the training of medical personnel with all requirements and the most advanced technology in all areas. It is well known that Thailand has a huge shortage of medical personnel, Rangsit University can fill that gap in providing the most qualified personnel as well as supporting medical research and providing comprehensive medical treatments and services including medical canabis project , while offering integrating oriental medicine in Thailand which consists of Thai, Chinese and Indian medicines for the benefit of treatments in all aspects of health maintenance for our patients.