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The EEC Group

The establishment of Environmental Engineering Consultants Company Limited (EEC) can be traced way back in 1976 When a group of Thai engineers foresaw the urgent need for a private engineering conglomerate that will assist in the country's infrastructure and economic development.

Slowly but surely, EEC has astutely transformed itself to become one of a principal player in the field of system engineering. From a modest average of 15 undertakings annually in the past, our portfolio is currently in the order of 40-60 projects per annum.

In 1992, the firm went through a major expansion by establishing a number of specialization companies involved in engineering systems management, design and implementation which came to become the present EEC group of companies.

EEC Engineering Network Company Limited (EEC)
         The company is widely accepted both locally and internationally in mechanical, electrical, environmental and fire protection engineering.

EEC Lincolne Scott Company Limited (EEC LS)
         The design consultancy for specialized M&E works and structure work. With extensive international experience.

Green Companion Company Limited (EEC GC)
         EEC GC is specialist consultancy in carbon and energy with expert team provides innovative, proven business and technical solutions.

EEC DT Green Power Company Limited (EEC DT)
         EEC DT as well as additional fees for obtaining the leading in energy and environment design and Thailand's rating of energy and environment sustainability credentials.

EEC Academy
         EEC academy is on engineering training institute established to be knowledge sharing center in purpose to develop engineering skills.

All these companies operate in synergy and offer an array of specialized services to meet the most specific requirements of our clients. The distinct advantage of acquiring total engineering solutions under one roof is the group offers to clienteles' magnitude.

Through dedication, hard work and innovation, the group is eager to meet the challenges that lie ahead in
the upcoming future.